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Dairy-Friendly Reds

It’s a wine truism heard often: “Pair red wines with meat and white wines with dairy.” While this is sound advice, it’s too simplistic. What makes white wines so good with dairy is their lighter body and higher acidy. But there are a number of red grapes that do well at producing light- or medium-bodied reds that have higher acidity (think gamay noir, pinot noir and sangiovese). So in honor of Shavuot, we picked seven reds that should pair well with your favorite dairy dishes.

Why Oak?

Courtesy of Gerard Prins

At first glance it would seem unlikely that the wood from a tree and the fruit of the vine would have such a longstanding relationship. While both oak barrels and wine are ultimately made from plants, they are cultivated, harvested, developed, and utilized very differently. And without oak, the wide world of wine would be very different.

Taking the Temperature of Wine

Going through my email bag once again to answer some of your questions about wines and spirits. If you have a burning question about kosher booze, from the simple to the seriously technical, feel free to email me at and I will endeavor to answer you—directly or here in this space.

Is there a proper temperature for serving wine?

Ever Wonder Wine?

Over the years of writing my L’chaim column about kosher wines and distilled spirits, I’ve gotten a fair amount of correspondence from readers asking specific questions of one sort or another. So I thought—just to shake things up a bit—folks might find some of this correspondence interesting here.

Q: What is the difference between red and white wine glasses? Do I really need to buy both?

Lightening Up On The Four Cups

With Passover around the corner, it’s time to think about what wines to serve for your seder and related holiday meals. This is a little less straightforward than it might seem at first — and I don’t mean simply the difficulty of trying to pair wine to horseradish.

For one thing, wine is required for the seders, so except for those dining alone or who otherwise require grape juice to fulfill the evening’s obligations, it’s likely that many bottles will be opened. There are also various customs and halachic rulings about the seder’s four cups of wine that should be factored in.

A Forbidden Steak Finds its Perfect Companion

Filet mignon pairs well with burgundy. Henner Zeller/ Used under Creative Commons2.0

The other day I was confronted with a most welcome challenge: pairing wine with filet mignon.

The Jewish Week’s Eighth Annual Grand Wine Tasting

With Passover around the corner, more than 400 people attended The Jewish Week’s eighth annual Grand Wine Tasting on Monday evening at City Winery in Tribeca. They had more than 300 kosher wines to sample, with entries from the U.S., Israel, Spain, France, Portugal and Argentina. Associate Publisher Rich Waloff, who headed The Jewish Week effort, noted: “This event gives us a chance to bring in people from all over the metropolitan area who enjoy quality kosher wine in a low-key but festive setting.”

Kosher Wine Guide 2017

Inside The 2017 Kosher Wine Guide

Germany’s Kosher ‘Vine Of Peace’

Germany is one of the world’s great wine-producing countries, yet for obvious reasons kosher German wines have been a rare commodity. But that is changing with the arrival of kosher Mosel Riesling from winemaker Nik Weis of the St. Urbans-Hof winery ( in Liewen, and also with the intimately related Gefen Hashalom ( German-Jewish kosher wine project.

The Sad Irony Of The French Kosher Wine Boom

I was there at the end of an era.